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Coming to Swan Island? Let us help you leave your car behind…

The Swan Island Transportation Management Association (TMA) brings together area employers and regional agencies to expand transit service, improve pedestrian and bicycle access, and increase rideshare opportunities for employees in an effort to reduce traffic on the Island.

Easing traffic congestion has multiple benefits for those on Swan Island:

  • Fewer single occupancy vehicles (SOVs) on Swan Island helps move freight off the Island: removing just two SOVs from the Island’s limited roadway network makes room for one heavy duty trailer, tractor or truck. This is good for business.
  • Driving is stressful!  Employees who choose carpooling, transit or biking/walking to work, free up time for relaxing conversation, reading and exercise.
  • Lowering carbon emissions protects the natural beauty and existing wildlife along the Willamette River/on Swan Island.  Employees can enjoy their surroundings throughout the day and recreators can discover the Island as a destination for viewing the Willamette riverfront activity.

Curious how much money you could save by driving less?

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