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About SIBA

The Swan Island Business Association (SIBA) is dedicated to the success and vitality of Swan Island and our members. We identify opportunities for improvement and then partner with members, other businesses, city and governmental agencies to plan, fund and ultimately implement the desired changes.

Our efforts focus on…

  • facilitating economic development on Swan Island,
  • moving people and goods on and off the Island efficiently, safely and conveniently
  • and strengthening ties to adjacent neighborhoods by connecting residents to jobs on Swan Island and promoting employees’ awareness of nearby community resources.

By joining SIBA, your business can…

  • leverage your capacity as an individual business by joining forces with our larger organization representing many businesses,
  • use SIBA’s capacity as an effective liaison with all levels of government to voice critical concerns for your business,
  • attend our bi-monthly meetings for up-to-date information on issues affecting Swan Island businesses,
  • take advantage of SIBA’s networking opportunities to foster connectivity and collaboration with other local businesses,
  • heighten your company’s web presence by joining our online member directory
  • and enjoy educational workshops on key business topics extended by Venture Portland to their members like SIBA.

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