Daimler launches robust commuter benefits package for Portland employees

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We’re always thrilled to bullhorn any good news from our member businesses, so we’re especially pleased to report that Daimler Trucks North America officially kicked off WeRide, a comprehensive transportation benefit package for all of their 3,000+ Portland employees.  Daimler hopes to “broaden employees’ alternative transportation options and make them substantially cheaper to use.”  Daimler’s WeRide employee benefits program places Daimler in the top tier among the region’s heaviest hitter companies for comprehensive commuter packages that understand the value and advantages of  promoting multimodal transportation benefits.

WeRide not only will sharpen Daimler’s hiring edge among competitors, it also is a win-win for Daimler employees and the region:  the benefits of Daimler’s program spill beyond its campus; reducing commuter congestion, local traffic, and CO2 emissions.   WeRide will reduce overall household spending, add valuable time to employees day and lead to happier, healthier and more productive employees. Daimler will also save money by reducing health care costs, turnover rates, parking demand and associated construction costs.

Here are the highlights from Daimler’s WeRide commuter benefits program:

  • An electric Smart cars fleet made available to employees – for free!
  • 35% Transit subsidy
  • 35% Vanpool subsidy
  • Free annual, on-site bike tune-up

What’s more, Daimler’s implementation of an employee pre-tax program increases the savings 20-30% more for their employee transit passes!

With  businesses thriving and more employees commuting to Swan Island every day on our one access road, we are pleased to see Daimler’s bold step in this direction.

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